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M9615A PXIe 5-channel Precision Source/Measure Unit, 500 kSa/s, 10 pA, 30 V, 500 mA

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Key Features & Specifications

  • 5 channels, high density per a single-slot module
  • Wide output range, up to 30 V / 500 mA per channel
  • Resolution down to 6 μV / 10 pA
  • Accurate and flexible measurements, from DC to pulsed measurements, with pulse width down to 100 μs at 500 kSa/s sampling rate
  • Seamless current measurement ranging


The Keysight M9615A is a PXIe five-channel precision source / measure unit (SMU). It supports accurate measurement up to 30 V / 500 mA with resolution down to 6 uV / 10 pA. While a PXIe SMU improves channel density compared with a benchtop SMU, the M9615A enable higher channel density in the same footprint. They also provide a wider output range than a conventional PXIe four-channel SMU at a lower cost per channel. Pulsed and sampling capabilities allow the M9615A to perform a variety of measurements, from DC to pulsed measurements, with pulse width down to 100 μs at a sampling rate of 500 kSa/s. Their seamless current measurement ranging function reduces test duration by eliminating the time it takes to change the range and expands the dynamic range to cover four measurement ranges. These capabilities make the M9615A suitable for applications that require high channel density, such as semiconductor reliability testing and integrated circuit (IC) tests.