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802.11ax Test Solution

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Key Features & Specifications

Meets stringent EVM test requirements

  • Better than -50 dB performance for chipset and PA characterization
  • Better than -48 dB performance for 8x8 device validation, even across 8 parallel streams
  • At source power levels, up to 5 dBm across a dynamic range over 25 dB

8x8 MIMO testing for design validation

  • 8 Streams at 5 GHz band, 1024 QAM, 80 MHz, preamble
  • Independent source and analyzer work on different frequencies

Supports D1.2 test cases

Supports multi-user testing for both UL and DL, OFDMA + MU-MIMO

High Power testing required for Over-The-Air (OTA) and outdoor access point

Complies with latest regulatory requirement of blocking, co-existence and adaptive testing


The Keysight portfolio of 802.11ax test solutions provides ready-to-use software that fully supports required 802.11ax test parameters, from SISO to 2x2/4x4/8x8 MIMO test, across R&D, design verification, and manufacturing test.

The common user interface and software control across hardware platforms means you can easily reuse across R&D, design verification, and manufacturing, saving valuable development time.