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IEEE 802.3 Backplane Receiver Test Solutions

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Key Features & Specifications

- Ethernet backplane receiver test for 10GBASE-KR / 25GBASE-KR / 100GBASE-KR4 applications

- Configurations for up to 16 Gb/s or, up to 32 Gb/s with the J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT including:

  • Built-in de-emphasis, jitter sources, adjustable ISI for data output
  • Built-in CDR and equalization for data input
  • Interactive transmitter equalization negotiation option for J-BERT M8020A

- Random interference using a M8195A arbitrary waveform generator in combination with M8045A-802 matched directional coupler pair


To assist in IEEE 802.3 test, the Keysight J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT provides equalization and CDR on its signal inputs as well as multi-tap de-emphasis on its data outputs. The transmit equalization (EQ) negotiation options M8041A-0SX and M8062A-0SC bring backplane receiver testing to the next level, allowing the RX test instrument’s transmitter equalization, for 10GBASE-KR, 25GBASE-KR, and 100GBASE-KR4, to be adjusted based on the device under test’s receiver requests. Proprietary methods of reading out the device under test’s coefficient update requests, and reprogramming of the test instrument are no longer necessary since the J-BERT M8020A systems can participate interactively in the negotiation process.

Link equalization training is performed between the instruments generator and a receiver of the device under test. Once this procedure is successfully completed, a user defined sequence may follow and can test impairment tolerance of the device. The J-BERT M8020A provides adjustable inter symbol interference, including calibrated jitter sources that can be used to test the tolerance and determine margins of the receiver under test. Random interference required for 10GBASE-KR, 25GBASE-KR, or 100GBASE-KR4 receiver testing can be generated using the M8195A arbitrary waveform generator. Upper and lower random interference frequencies can be set using the M8070A system software for BER test solutions. Validation of the transmitter equalization coefficient steps requires measurements that can be performed by Keysight real time oscilloscopes and the N8814 and N8829 transmitter compliance software.

Transmitter Equalization Negotiation
To deal with long channels and different combinations of receivers and transmitters, the backplane versions of IEEE 802.3 support adaptive transmitter equalization. A receiver can train the equalization of the link partner’s transmit stage using a handshake defined in clause 72 and clause 93. The training messages use Differential Manchester Encoding (DME) for the coefficient update requests and for the status reporting fields.

J-BERT M8020A handles DME based training messages

Training message uses Differential Manchester encoding


The J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT can participate in this handshake and adjust the BERT data output per the device under test’s (DUT) coefficient update requests.

10GBASE-KR receiver under test optimizes J-BERT M8020A data output equalization

10GBASE-KR device under test adjusted J-BERT M8020A output stage successfully


Please contact Keysight for required DUT control capabilities to use the transmit equalization negotiation of the J-BERT M8020A.

Recommended configuration for Keysight 10GBASE-KR Receiver Test Setup

Recommended configuration for Keysight 25GBASE-KR / 100GBASE-KR4 Receiver Test Setup


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