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E8707A Radar Target Simulator

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Simulates automotive radar targets in the 76-77 GHz range
  • Provides simulation for both the range and radar cross section.
  • Minimum physical distance of 1 m between simulator and DUT, saving floor space
  • Scalable and configurable with full range of 10-450 m or two fixed ranges
  • Single-horn with built-in transceiver; or dual-horn with transmit and receive configurations


Rapid developments in the autonomous vehicle and demand for greater safety features is fueling the need for more sensitive and accurate automotive radar technology being deployed in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). With its rich expertise in radar test technology, Keysight now offers the E8707A radar target simulator to help automotive electronics manufacturers confidently simulate radar targets in various realistic scenarios.

The E8707A is a flexible yet dynamic solution, whether you are a product test engineer looking for a fast, accurate and reliable test solution that balances throughput and quality, or a design and verification engineer who needs to quickly validate the performance of your radar products.