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N9911X Economical Waveguide Calibration Components

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Waveguide to coax adapters, terminations, flush shorts,1/4 wavelength offsets
  • WR-137 : 5.38 to 8.18 GHz
  • WR-90 : 8.2 to 12.5 GHz
  • WR-62 : 11.9 to 18 GHz
  • WR-42 : 17.6 to 26.7 GHz
  • Metric and imperial flange sizes available


N9911X is a collection of economical waveguide components well-suited for FieldFox CAT and VNA calibrations. The N9911X cal kit definitions are built-into FieldFox firmware, and can be downloaded from FieldFox's calibration kit website.

Component descriptions are listed in the Options tab.