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Key Features & Specifications

  • GPS modes: Off, Internal (Option 307), External
  • Geo-location: latitude, longitude, altitude, time, sync time/date
  • GPS antenna connector: SMA (f), 3.3 V (order antenna separately)
  • Frequency reference accuracy when locked to GPS: ± 0.010 ppm


Option 307 adds a built-in GPS receiver to the FieldFox analyzer. The built-in GPS receiver provides geo-location tags to measurements. The geo data – time, latitude, longitude, and elevation – can be displayed and saved in data files. In addition to location information, the GPS provides an accurate frequency reference to improve accuracy.

Without locking to GPS, the frequency reference accuracy is ± 0.7 ppm + aging. When locked to GPS, the accuracy improves to ± 0.010 ppm.

When the GPS antenna is disconnected, FieldFox can maintain an accuracy of ± 0.2 ppm. This is the maximum drift expected in the frequency reference when the ambient temperature changes ±5 ºC from the temperature when the GPS signal was last connected. There is no specific time limit regarding frequency accuracy and GPS; temperature is the main driver. The frequency accuracy can easily be maintained for a week, if the temperature is stable. Over the long run, the aging rate will apply.

Configuration information

In order to have GPS information, you will need:

  • Option 307 on the FieldFox
  • A GPS antenna such as N9910X-825
  • Other GPS antennas can also be used; the GPS connector on the instrument is SMA (f)

Alternatively, you can purchase Microsoft's Streets & Trips GPS USB receiver (needs to have the u-blox chip set). You do not need to purchase any FieldFox options for the external USB-based GPS to work. However, the USB-based GPS only provides time and location data, and time synchronization capability. It cannot be used to increase the frequency accuracy of the instrument.

Option 307 can be added as a product upgrade.