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Sprechen Sie mit einem Experten

Key Features & Specifications

Keysight’s Command Expert is no-cost software that provides fast and easy instrument control in many PC application environments.

  • Download Command Expert by clicking on the Trials & Licenses tab
  • Seamless integration with Excel, VEE, SystemVue, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Python, and LabVIEW
  • Easy to find, use, and view full documentation for SCPI, IVI-C, IVI-COM, and IVI.NET commands
  • Simplifies the process of retrieving measurement data from instruments 

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The Trials and Licenses tab on this page gives you access to the latest Command Expert, as well as previous versions.

If you require the complete Instrument Control Bundle containing IO Libraries Suite, Command Expert, and BenchVue, you can do one of the following: