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N9000AK-PC3 Upgrade to Single Core High-Performance Processor with Removable Solid State Drive

Product Status: Obsolete | Service Optionen ansehen
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • Upgrade earlier CXA (Serial number < MY49370546) with single core high performance CPU assembly
  • Easy replacement, customer installable
  • Significant speed enhancements
  • Includes an 80 GB removable solid state drive and a 1000Base-T LAN


Option PC3 is an upgrade kit for a single core high-performance CPU assembly with an 80 GB removable solid state drive imaged with the operating system, the instrument software, and non-instrument-specific alignment files.

Achieve significant speed improvements on existing CXA’s (Serial number less than MY49370546) by upgrading the CPU assembly with Option PC3. The removable solid state drive offers an ideal data sanitization solution for applications in a secure environment. The gigabit ethernet connection offers potential of speed enhancement for data transfer. The specially-designed mechanical configuration allows easy customer installation while ensuring reliability.

Instrument serial number and licensing information are maintained on the instrument. This makes the CPU assembly non-instrument specific.