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M9045A PCIe ExpressCard Adaptor

Product Status: Eingestellt | Support verfügbar
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Key Features & Specifications


  • Connecting a external laptop computer to an AXIe or PXIe chassis


  • Express Card 34 with connector extension (PCIe x4 connector)
  • Enables an M9502A/M9505A AXIe chassis or M9018A PXIe chassis with M9021A cable interface to be connected to a laptop computer via a standard x4 to x8 PCIe cable
  • Low power

Performance characteristics

  • Gen 1 x1 link to the computer (maximum 250 MB/s data rate)
  • Fully transparent to test system software applications
  • Supports up to a 7m passive Gen 1 PCIe cable


The M9045A is an PCIe interface card in the ExpressCard 34 format. It provides a Gen 1 x1 link from a laptop computer to an AXIe Chassis, such as the M9502A/5A or a PCIe Cable Interface such as the M9021A. The card utilizes an electrically isolated x4 Molex connector and should be used with x4 to x8 cables such as the Keysight Y1200A. Operation is transparent to the software application and no software drivers are required.