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HMMC-5040 20-40 GHz Amplifier

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Large Bandwidth: 20 - 44 GHz Typical / 21 - 40 GHz Specified
  • High Gain: 22 dB Typical
  • Saturated Output Power: 21 dBm Typical
  • Supply Bias: < 4.5 Volts @ < 300 mA


The HMMC-5040 is a broadband GaAs MMIC high gain amplifier designed for the 21 GHz to 40 GHz frequency range. Typical applications of the HMMC-5040 include both military (35 GHz) and commercial microwave radio systems which operate at 23 GHz, 28 GHz, and 38 GHz. It is also suitable for use as a frequency multiplier due to excellent below-band input return loss and moderate gain.

Keysight Part #HMMC-5040 does not contain any intentionally added RoHS substances above permitted maximum thresholds.

All HMMC parts are manufactured in Santa Rosa, California using Keysight's reliable instrument grade GaAs process.

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