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N2276A 26.5 GHz Dual 1x6 Microwave Multiplexer

Product Status: Eingestellt | Support verfügbar
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • Quick set-up microwave switching
  • Can drive two external microwave attenuators
  • Operating frequencies; DC to 26.5 GHz
  • <0.36dB insertion loss
  • <1.20 VSWR


The 3-slot Keysight N2276A module provides dual 1 x 6 (option 206) microwave multiplexers, with excellent insertion loss, isolation and VSWR performance. With option 204, the N2276A becomes a dual 1 x 4 microwave multiplexer while keeping all the other features. The modular N2276A can exactly fit your application channel density needs, minimizing redundant channels, thus offering the most cost effective microwave switching.

The SMA connectors on the module front panel are provided for high performance connection. The N2276A can also drive two external microwave attenuators (Keysight 84904/6/7/K/L). The three-slot N2276A module can only be operated in SCPI mode when installed in 3499A/C mainframes with firmware 3.0 or later.

See the new 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit as a new low-cost alternative.