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E443xB Series Option 101 cdma2000® Multichannel, Multicarrier Firmware Personality

Product Status: Obsolete | Service Optionen ansehen
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.


Generate multichannel forward and reverse link signals according to the developing cdma2000 standard with 101. These 1X or 3X chip rate, direct or multicarrier spread signals can be used for base station, mobile, component, and subsystem tests. A table based channel editor maximizes flexibility. 101 is a firmware personality built on the internal dual arbitrary waveform generator (Option UND).


  • Multichannel cdma2000 forward and reverse link signals, either 1X or 3X chip rate
  • Choose up to 12 carriers or direct spreading type in forward link
  • HPSK spreading/modulation type used in reverse link for IS95C radio configuration
  • Select from predefined channel configurations or use the table editor to fully configure a cdma2000 channel configuration per your requirements
  • Forward link channel types include, pilot, paging, synchronization, fundamental code and supplemental code channels
  • Reverse link channel types include, pilot, dedicated control channel, fundamental code and supplemental code channel
  • Baseband clipping; clip the peak-to-average power of signals before or after FIR filtering

Installation Requirements