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10706A Plane Mirror Interferometer

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10706A-080 Adapter für Glasfaseroptikempfänger
Adjustable Mount 

Adjustable Mount

The Keysight 10711A adjustable optics mount makes alignment faster and easier. For 10702A, 10706A, 10715A, 10716A. Allows ± 5 degrees tilt and yaw

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    10724A Plane Mirror Reflector

    The Keysight 10724A plane mirror reflector is used with the Keysight 10706A/B, 10715A, 10716A and 10737L/R. Can only be used for single axis linear measurements.

  • Agilent 10723A Product Photograph 10723A High-Stability Adapter 

    10723A High-Stability Adapter

    The Keysight 10723A High-Stability Adapter is used to convert a 10706A interferometer to a 10706B. Improves thermal stability.