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Test Automation Platform (TAP) User eLearning Program

Available in the US and select countries. Contact us to check for availability.

Ensure maximum optimization of your Keysight Software

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills your engineers and technicians need to implement new technologies faster
  • Get one year’s unlimited access to highly valuable, professionally developed training material
  • Take advantage of hands-on simulations and exercises, learn at your own pace and focus only on the topics you are interested in

What you will learn

  • Test Automation Platform (TAP) fundamentals and user interface
  • How to use TAP software’s extensible test sequence and test plan creation to optimize test software development and overall performance
  • Simulated practice sessions using TAP’s Results Viewer, Timing Analyzer and Test Plan Run Explorer to visually compare results, optimize test plans, locate bottlenecks in execution and identify areas for parallel execution
  • Troubleshooting TAP output using the Log Panel and Session Log

Who should attend?

Hardware design and software engineers in the wireless communications, automotive, and aerospace & defense industries. This is of particular interest for new or experienced engineers looking to optimize the use of the TAP Developer’s System for evaluation and development of devices, components, transmitters, receivers and systems.

Delivery Method

State-of-the-art self-paced eLearning professionally developed by the Keysight experts.


eLearning module What you will learn Duration Price
Introduction to TAP and its User Interface
  • TAP overview and components
  • TAP graphical user interface
  • Creating test plans using the TAP GUI
  • Package manager and demo plugin
  • TAP command line interface
1 hour included
Analysis and Optimization with TAP
  • Results Listener features
  • Results Viewer features
  • Timing Analyzer features
  • Test Plan Run Explorer features
1 hour included
Troubleshooting TAP
  • Troubleshooting TAP using the Log Panel
  • Troubleshooting TAP using the Session Log
1 hour included
Comprehensive exam
  • Comprehensive test covering all modules
Program Package
(T6505A, opt. 100)
  • All three TAP modules, as described above
  • Comprehensive exam
  • Program completion certificate
3 hours + Exam $375

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For more information about e learning courses, please visit Keysight Online Technical Training Programs.

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