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Photovoltaic Array Simulation Solution

Keysight’s photovoltaic (PV) array simulation solution consists of the N8900APV Series Photovoltaic Array Simulators and SAS Control software. The solution enables PV inverter designers to quickly and easily develop, verify and maximize the performance of their inverter’s maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms, as well as test to the European Standard EN50530 with as little as one click.

The Keysight N8937APV and N8957APV photovoltaic array simulators are capable of testing PV inverters up to 1,500 V, enabling designers to participate in the recent industry shift to the higher voltage. They can quickly simulate I-V curve characteristics under different environmental conditions (temperature, irradiance, age, cell technology and more), enabling the user to quickly and comprehensively test their solar inverters.

The SAS Control App is a no-cost addition to the solution that allows full control of the N8900APV’s output as well as easily create, visualize, and download solar / photovoltaic I-V curves to the instrument using the Curve Workspace. Once a curve has been downloaded to an N8900APV, the user can enable the output and watch as their PV inverter searches for the maximum power point, gaining insight into their MPPT algorithm. The software is also capable of automated static and dynamic EN50530 MPPT test. Simply input the test parameters, such as Pmp, Vmp, etc., click “Start Test” and the SAS Control App does the rest. Once the test is complete, the software creates a report formatted to the EN50530 standard as well as a log file with all of the measurements from the test. This feature is free to use for 30-days. After the 30-day free trial, a license for automated EN50530 test (model number DG8901A) is required.

In addition to being PV array simulators, the N8937APV and N8957APV instruments are autoranging, programmable DC power sources that can be used for applications beyond PV array simulation when used in “Power Supply” mode.

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