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Power Supplies for Bluetooth Testing

Keysight offers specialized power supplies optimized for battery life determination and general purpose power supplies for other R&D and manufacturing requirements.

See Measurement Solution Example: Battery Current Drain Test

Information about other Keysight products for Bluetooth® test can be found at Bluetooth & Wireless LAN.

Bluetooth & Wireless LAN

Power Supplies for Bluetooth® Testing
Series Product Image Product Group Description
66300 Series Keysight 66300 Series Power Supply   45W, 100W, Mobile Communications DC Power Supplies, GPIB, Single and Dual Output Can accurately emulate a battery's resistance and fast current sourcing, while holding a stable, transient free voltage. Also provides a fast and accurate digitizing measurement system.
E3630 Series
E3640 Series
Keysight E3600 Series Power Supply   0-50W, DC System Power Supplies, GPIB, Single and Multiple Outputs For general Bluetooth power needs where battery emulation and fast transient sourcing and measurement are not required.
E3610 Series
E3620 Series
E3630 Series
E3630 Series Power Supplies   Single and Multiple Output Bench Power Supplies Compact, low-cost, use on a bench supplies available with basic capabilities and one, two or three outputs.

Bluetooth and the Bluetooth logos are trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to Keysight Technologies, Inc.

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Optimizing Bluetooth Device Battery Drain Measurements in Manufacturing (AN 1396)
This application note discusses optimizing battery drain measurements in manufacturing test for Bluetooth devices.

Application Note 2002-04-03

Specialized Supplies Target Battery-Powered Products

Application Note 2000-08-01