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Power Supplies for Base Station Test

Keysight Technologies offers an extensive selection of dc power supplies for development and testing base stations - from modules and subassemblies to fully assembled base stations. The product group ranges from basic power supplies for R&D to high power computer controlled power supplies for automated testing.

Power Supplies for Base Station Test
Series Photo Image Max W per output Max V per output Max I per output Description Datasheets
6032A Keysight 6030 Series Power Supply 1200W 60V 50A This autoranging dc power supply  provides a wide and continuous range of output voltage and current levels.   601x , 603x Data Sheet
6650 Series Power Supplies 540W 60V 15A The 6653A 35V, 15A and 6654A 60V, 9A are single output power supplies, with low ripple and noise, fast up- and down-programming.   665x Series Data Sheet
6670 Series Power Supplies 2100W 60V 60A The 6673A 35V, 60A and 6674A 60V, 35A are single output, precision supplies with low ripple and noise, and extremely accurate built-in measurements of voltage and current.   667x Series Data Sheet
N5700 Series Power Supplies 1500W 60V 35A The N5747A 750W, 60V, 12.5A and N5767A 1500W, 60V, 25A are single output, small 1U-high supplies.  They offers solid performance and a variety of basic and enhanced capabilities.  GPIB, LAN and USB standard.   N5700 Data Sheet
E4356A Keysight E4356A Power Supply 2100W 80V 30A This single output supply provides power at up to 80 Vdc and up to 30 A in two ranges (80 V, 26 A or 70 V, 30 A), has low output noise.   E4356A Data Sheet
6683A 6680 Series Power Supplies 5120W 32V 160A This low-noise supply provides stable and reliable DC power enhanced with extensive protection features. They are also a great choice for long-term burn-in applications.   668x Series Data Sheet
6690 Series Power Supplies 6600W 60V 220A These highly accurate supplies offer excellent reliability and performance for demanding, high-power applications in manufacturing test and long-term burn-in.   669xA Series Data Sheet
66000A Series Keysight 66000A Series Power Supply 150W 200V 16A The modular design conserves rack space and simplifies system cabling and assembly. Modular system permits up to 8 outputs of 150 W per output in 4 U of rack space.   150W, DC System Power Supplies, GPIB, Modular Outputs

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