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DC Power Supply

Power to Advance your Test

Our broad selection of both bench-friendly and system-ready instruments can meet your testing challenges - from basic to complex - with a wealth of available capabilities.

  • Test confidently with clean, precise DC power that's fully specified and guaranteed
  • Safeguard loads from potential harm with robust output protection and fault detection capabilities
  • Enhance system flexibility with built-in, DMM-quality measurement functions

Now Even More Power! Over 50 new models from 1 to 15 kW

BenchVue software enabled: Do more with your PC and instrument together, no programming required. Easily control your power supplies to set parameters and quickly build automated tests on your PC.

Compare and select the best power supply for your application: View all power supplies

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Basic Instruments Flyer: May - July 2019
This Basic Instruments flyer includes a promotion for a free scope probe.

Brochure 2019-04-17

How to Create Arbitrary Power Waveforms - Application Note
Creating arbitrary power waveforms, demonstrated with Python and sockets

Application Note 2019-04-15

RP7900 Series Regenerative Power System - Data Sheet
Data sheet for the RP7900 Series Regenerative Power System containing specifications, options, accessories, and ordering information.

Data Sheet 2019-04-10

N8900 Series Prewired Rack Systems Up to 90 kW - Product Fact Sheet
Flyer describing Keysight's N8900 Rack Series for customers designing or implementing high-power systems that require up to 90 kW for design, debugging and safety challenges associated with high voltages.

Data Sheet 2019-04-09

System Power Supply Programming Using SCPI Commands - White Paper
Learn how to construct a program to send SCPI commands. The example provided uses sockets and Python.

Application Note 2019-04-08

Design and Test Solutions for Electro Mobility (E-Mobility) Applications - Solution Brief
This guide explores the electro mobility landscape, and the new design and test challenges and solutions to help bring disruptive technologies for e-mobility to reality faster.

Solution Brief 2019-03-11

X8712A IoT Device Battery Life Optimization Solution - Flyer
This document provides the key components, capabilities and specs of the X8712A.

Brochure 2019-02-19

Keysight X8712A IoT Device Battery Life Optimization Solution - Data Sheet
The document provides the characteristics, key benefits and key components of the X8712A.

Data Sheet 2019-02-18

Power Products Solutions - Selection Guide
This selection guide will help you select the right DC power supply for your application (for example, bench power supply, specialized requirements or more complex requirements).

Brochure 2019-02-14

PDF PDF 11.92 MB
N6700 Modular Power System Family - Data Sheet
The N6705 DC Power Analyzer represents an entirely new instrument category for R&D engineers. It provides unrivaled productivity gains when sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into a DUT.

Data Sheet 2019-02-14

B2961/62A 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source - Data Sheet
This data sheet the capabilites and advantages of using the B2961A/62A 6.5 digit low noise power source.

Data Sheet 2019-02-04

N6705C DC Power Analyzer – User Manual
This manual discusses user information about the N6705 DC Power Analyzer. It does not include programming or service information.

User Manual 2019-02-03

N6700 Series Low-Profile Modular Power System - User Manual
This manual discusses user information about the N6700C Series Low-Profile Modular Power System. It does not include programming or service information.

User Manual 2019-02-02

Operating the N6700 at 400 Hz line
This document provides instructions for proper installation and operation of the N6700 MPS when being powered from 400 Hz ac input.

Installation Manual 2019-02-02

How to Optimize Power Supply Testing Using the Keysight N6790 Series - Application Note
The Keysight N6790 Series electronic load modules give you unmatched performance and speed for power supply test. For bench or system applications in any testing environment, you can count on high quality and reliability with superior performance and features.

Application Note 2019-02-01

X8712A IoT Device Battery Life Optimization Solution - User's Guide
Contains solution overview, setup, and troubleshooting information.

User Manual 2019-01-24

Advanced Power System (APS) N6900 Series Power Supplies - Data Sheet
Data sheet for N6900 DC Power Supplies containing specifications, options, hardware accessories and software.

Data Sheet 2018-12-05

Improve Voltage Regulation Using Remote Sense - White Paper
Learn how to use remote sense to improve load regulation. Most measurements assume steady load regulation.

Application Note 2018-11-02

E36300 Series Programming Guide
Programming Guide for E36300 Series DC power supplies.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2018-11-01

PDF PDF 10.97 MB
Test the Future, Today.
Create tomorrow’s automotive smart mobility and e-mobility technologies today, with design and test solutions from Keysight.

Solution Brief 2018-10-19

E36300 Series Triple Output Bench Power Supply - Data Sheet
This data sheet describes the features and specifications of the new E36300 series power supply family which includes the E36311A, E36312A and E36313A.

Data Sheet 2018-10-11

Avoid Power Related Damage Using Overcurrent Protection with a Multiple Output Power Supply
When multiple voltages power a device, it is often desirable to turn off all the power supply outputs when a fault occurs. If using more than one power supply, daisy chain the digital IO ports such that all outputs, even across mainframes, will be shut down on an overcurrent event. Provide additional protection for a device by using these three functions together - OCP, fault-out and the inhibit function - to shut down all the outputs.

Application Note 2018-10-10

N6709A Rack Mount Kit 3D Model, STEP Format
STEP format 3D Model of the N6709A rack mount kit for N6700A/B series mainframes. This model is mainly for reference purpose only.

Technical Overview 2018-10-06

ZIP ZIP 525.66 KB
Bench-Top Test and Debug of Power Transient Issues for Automotive and Aerospace/Defense Applications
Using the N6705A for bench-top test and debug of power transient issues for automotive and aerospace/defense

Application Note 2018-09-19

U8030 Series Triple-Output DC Power Supplies - Data Sheet
This datasheet presents the U8030 series, triple-output DC power supplies, which offers a total power of 375W. Its analog front panel programming feature allows you to preset output sequences

Data Sheet 2018-08-30

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