Keysight's GUI is Faster, More Accurate Than Gigamon's Command Line or Flowmap

Keysight's GUI is Better Suited to Handle Today's Networks

Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) aggregate and filter data to security and monitoring tools, adding intelligent grooming and traffic enhancements such as deduplication, SSL decryption, data masking, and application and threat intelligence. But not all solutions are created equal and Keysight's visual approach to configuring and managing NPBs through a GUI accelerates setup and reconfiguration operations, reduces errors, and streamlines testing and troubleshooting of highly sophisticated filters.

The insightful article by ZK Research describes the analyst’s point of view on how an integrated drag-and-drop GUI dramatically improves network programming efficiency, network troubleshooting speed, and network monitoring accuracy over command line interface (CLI) or Flowmap approaches.

According to a series of customer interviews by ZK Research, “Gigamon…configuration tools make it challenging for IT to ensure the tools are properly set up.” Keysight has a graphical configuration interface that provides significant advantages over Gigamon.

How a GUI changes Network Performance

Take Advantage of Keysight's Ease of Use

Would you rather program every connection one at a time or drag and drop them? What if there was a much faster and reliable way?


Drag and Drop User Graphical Interface

Our intuitive graphical user interface allows you to easily define connections and filter rules between network ports and security and monitoring tool ports. Configuration is done within minutes via a simple point and click, drag and drop interface, with visual representation of your network connections.

Filter compiler

Automatic Handling Of Filter Rule Complexities

Dynamic Filter Compiler takes care of the all the complexities of filter rules and allows you to tie any network port to any tool port with no concern about logic in any existing filter rule. New filter rules can be easily added into existing filters while the overlap resolution occurs behind the scene.

3 levels

Three Levels of Filter Logic

You can add filter rules at three levels: ingress network ports, dynamic filter in the middle, and at egress tool ports. The multiple filtering options offer natural AND and OR Boolean logic that allows complex logic to filter traffic in the stringiest way to protect expensive security and monitoring tools from being overloaded.

no limits

No Limits on Filter Types

Finally, there are not restrictions to the advanced filtering features that can be utilized altogether. This means you worry less about what you can and can not do, and focus more on your security and monitoring tools, and what data they need to perform at highest levels.

Ease of Use Matters to Network Visibility

Network management systems that are difficult to program can create more problems than they fix. Complicated programming leads to mistakes and bad connections. An auto-configuring drag-and-drop interface is faster, easier, and best of all more efficient.

Watch and see why ease of use matters.

See Keysight's Ease of Use in Action