Accelerate test asset utilization

Test equipment is often the largest capital expense for technology companies, with typical utilization rates as low as 10%. Dramatically improve both capital and operating expenses (CapEx, OpEx) with PathWave Asset Advisor. This software application is the core of Test Asset Optimization Services and is available on cloud-hosted or on-premises servers.

Capturing Utilization and Health Data Decreases Costs

Be Compliant

PathWave Asset Advisor Track and Control Software

Maintain the visibility of thousands of assets to know their location, user, and compliance readiness. Develop a disciplined process to document and manage all your test assets, improving equipment service management.

  • Locate and manage assets faster via an open, task-based user interface.
  • Reduce time spent on physical counts and compliance audits.
  • Reduce costs through better optimization, tracking, and asset maintenance.
  • Easily track the movement of crucial instruments using active and passive technologies.

Optimize Utilization

PathWave Asset Advisor Utilization and Health Software

Know the true utilization and physical condition with real-time data captured by agents and sensors. Monitoring test asset health parameters maximizes uptime.

  • Increase your utilization of assets across users, programs, and departments.
  • Identify unhealthy instruments and resolve issues before it causes extensive problems.
  • Decrease CapEx and OpEx by optimizing test asset usage and procurement strategies.
  • Fund new technology investments with value captured from underutilized assets.

Avoid Needless Spending

PathWave Asset Advisor Loan Pool Software

Share test assets across teams through the daily management of a central pool of your under-used assets. Plus, continuously review the inventory to identify instruments for upgrade, trade-in, or disposal.

  • Avoid CapEx spending on test assets by sharing across teams.
  • Reduce OpEx by eliminating aging or utilized assets to save on taxes, insurance, and overhead.
  • Leverage the residual market value of aging assets through trade-in and buy-back programs.
  • Optimize rental versus purchase strategies through loan pool management.


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