IxLoad on Amazon Web Services

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Cloud application test platform

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  • Unique and advanced subscriber modeling enables users to create realistic scenarios to validate subscriber QoE
  • Common IxLoad user interface across both hardware and virtual products enables end-to-end virtual- and hardware-based testing from a single display
  • Flexible all-inclusive subscription licensing model reduces startup cost
  • Simple and fast deployment and orchestration using our CloudFormation Templates

Ensure High QoE of Cloud Application Delivery

Problem: Restricted View of Cloud Performance Puts QOS at Risk

Moving IT infrastructure to public clouds creates a model of shared responsibility between the customer and the cloud provider. This shared model eliminates the operational burden on the organization using cloud services, however, they are still responsible for the availability, performance, and management of all the controls and processes associated with operating over the cloud infrastructure. The move the cloud needs to deliver the same or better performance than the on-premises infrastructure. Without a way to properly validate these cloud application workloads, customer quality of experience (QoE) is at risk.

Solution: A Flexible Application Testing Ecosystem for Cloud Infrastructure

IxLoad on AWS provides scalable real-world application performance testing in the public cloud. Build resilient cloud infrastructure you can rely on by using IxLoad to stress-test cloud architectures. Now cloud-enabled, the market-proven IxLoad application offers cost-effective, elastic, and sharable virtualized test capabilities that you can quickly deploy and scale across Amazon public clouds.

Realize the savings of cloud without compromising performance by excising the unknowns that come with the elastic scalability, multi-tenancy, and high-availability characteristic of a cloud infrastructure.

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