PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test

Accelerate and optimize your battery test lab operations


Centrally Manage Your Battery Test Lab Operations

Keysight PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test enables efficient planning and coordination of your entire battery test laboratory. It manages all resources, including test fields, test systems, and your device under test (DUT).  PathWave provides an integrated, web-based lab management platform that helps you modernize your test workflows, eliminating legacy paper-based processes, and increasing data integrity and traceability.

  • Manage and route notifications to your preferred device
  • Easily register and track test objects in your lab
  • Quickly analyze your data and statistics
  • Organize your documents, tasks, and lab orders

Key features

Automated, networked, and scalable for any size of lab —  up to thousands of channels

Remote control your lab and its devices anywhere, anytime

Work efficiently thanks to a comprehensive suite of tools

Plan and optimize your test capacities and sequences

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