N3300 Series Modular DC Electronic Load

Modular flexibility with 16-bit measurements

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Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Application Needs

The N3300 Series supports up to six channels, each with a unique maximum voltage and current. They allow the design of a flexible automated test equipment (ATE) system to verify many types of power supplies, DC-to-DC converters, and batteries. Add additional modules to test multiple power sources simultaneously. Each module includes a 16-bit voltage, current, and power measurement system.

  • Choice of half-rack width or full-rack width mainframe
  • Constant current, constant voltage, and constant resistance modes
  • Built-in transient generator
  • 16-bit voltage and current measurements captured simultaneously
  • Stable operation down to 0 V
  • Modular design for system flexibility
  • Fast command processing and settling times
  • Available interfaces: analog, RS232, and GPIB

Get Results Fast

Test devices quickly with the N3300 Series featuring fast command processing times and the ability to download commands that run independently. Configure loads as constant current, constant voltage, or constant resistance. The N3300 Series modules provide stable operation down to 0 V.

Key Specifications

Number of Inputs

Up to 6

Total Power

600 to 1800 W

Programming Accuracy

0.1% + 4 mA

Measurement Accuracy

0.05% +2.5 mA


GPIB and RS232

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