Quickly Configure to Test Your Next Generation Li-ion Cells

The BT2200 charge-discharge platform is cost-effective and easily configurable for Li-Ion cell formation and lifetime cell cycling. A modular design supports cells requiring maximum currents ranging from ± 6 A to ± 800 A, with up to 256 cells or channels per chassis. You can quickly deploy different channel configurations as your cell requirements change and capacities grow.

  • Source and sink current up to 800 A per channel
  • Precisely regulate voltage at the cell with a four-wire sense
  • Simplify programming with user channels that act as a single high power channel formed with parallel channels 
  • Protect your cells with separate charge, discharge, and pre-charge limits 
  • Create unique sequences of charge, discharge, rest, DCIR, and pre-charge steps
  • Measure Voltage, Current, Power, Amp*Hours, Watt*Hours, ΔV/Δt, ΔI/Δt, ΔV, and ΔI
  • Improve efficiency with Regenerative power
  • Control with USB, or LAN (LXI Core)

Simple to Sophisticated Li-ion Formation

When forming Li-ion cells a multistep charge-discharge process can form a high-quality solid electrolyte interphase SEI layer. Often you have to make a tradeoff between a slower multi-step process and a simpler but faster process. Sequences allow the BT2200 Series to handle simple to complex conditioning sequences.

  • Create up to 256 unique sequences, containing up to 50 steps each.
  • A step starts a charge, discharge, rest state, or a DC internal resistance (DCIR) measurement.
  • Add measurements and test conditions to each step.
Option UJ1 module

Key Specifications

Modules per Mainframe


Cells per Module

2 ( ±100 A) to 32( ±6 A)

Max Current per Cell

± 6 to ± 800 A

Max Cell Voltage

6.25 V



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