The flexible digital modulation analysis option provides the various demands of “do it yourself” testing for single carrier, single modulation signals with a deep set of flexible modulation analysis tools that you can tweak to meet your needs. In addition, these flexible tools are SCPI programmable.


This general-purpose digital radio application test package offers flexible modulation analysis and modulation generation, including user payload.

Key features:

  • Standard-based and flexible digital demodulation analysis and generation
  • Modulation types include FSK, ASK, MSK, PSK, QPSK, QAM, and presets for LMR formats
  • Measurements include monitor spectrum, RF envelope, I/Q waveform, raw main time, search time, spectrum measurements, I/Q measurement time, I/Q ref time, I/Q measurement spectrum, I/Q ref spectrum, error vector time, error vector spectrum, magnitude error, phase error, demodulation results, demodulation bits, channel frequency response, and EQ impulse response
  • Y9054EM0E license enables flexible digital modulation and analysis, including N7608APPC and N9054EM0E vector modulation analysis

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