Create advanced Phased Array system designs using beamforming and real antenna patterns with modeling for RF and signal processing in time and frequency domain


The W4804B PathWave System Design Core, RF, Comms/DSP, Phased Array includes:

  • Powerful frequency, time and cross-domain simulation of complete phased array systems
  • ‘Best in class’ simulation speed for phased arrays
  • Intuitive array configuration and links to antenna design software
  • Beam measurement and visualization tools
  • 5G, Radar, EW, and Satellite applications

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is Keysight's premier RF and baseband system modeling platform. This bundle adds the powerful W4503E Phased Array Analysis element to the Core, RF, Comms/DSP bundle. This expands the design capabilities of single channel RF systems to multi-channel beamforming networks used in communications, radar, EW, satellite, and automotive applications. Supported in both Spectrasys and Dataflow simulators, designers can model accurate RF component behavior along with DSP control. Users get an intuitive, parallel schematic representation supporting RF, digital, and hybrid beamforming and a simple antenna configuration tool for building arrays of any size and configuration. Also included are flexible antenna modeling inputs from Keysight’s EM tools as well as other 3rd party software.

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