Analyzes nonlinear circuits in the frequency domain to produce a spectrum of frequencies with varying amplitudes and phases representing the steady-state nonlinear behavior of RF/MW circuits such as amplifiers, mixers and oscillators and custom circuits.


The W3021E PathWave Harmonic Balance includes:

  • Nonlinear Harmonic Balance circuit simulator
  • Unlimited multi-tone frequency-domain nonlinear simulation and optimization
  • Phase noise analysis
  • Load and source pull analysis
  • X-parameter nonlinear model generation and simulation
  • Comprehensive nonlinear stability analysis

PathWave Harmonic Balance is renowed for its robust convergence on large, highly nonlinear circuits that cannot be solved otherwise. It comes with extensive templates for complex nonlinear analysis such as load pull and X-parameter generation. Comprehensive nonlinear stability analysis ensures amplifier stability under all operating conditions.

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