Nonlinear Harmonic Balance, Circuit Envelope and Transient/Convolution circuit simulators for analyzing RF circuits in the frequency-, modulation- and time-domains. Generates nonlinear X-parameter models of circuits for use in system and circuit simulation.


The W3020E PathWave RF Circuit Simulation includes:

  • Harmonic Balance nonlinear circuit simulator in frequency domain
  • Circuit Envelope nonlinear circuit simulator in modulation domain
  • Transient/Convolution nonlinear circuit simulator in time domain
  • Comprehensive nonlinear stability analysis
  • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) analysis at circuit level for digitally modulated RF signals
  • X-parameter nonlinear model generator

PathWave RF Circuit Simulations are the industry's most capable and accurate with robust state-of-the-art convergence algorithms to analyze large highly nonlinear circuits. Accepts measured nonlinear X-parameters from Keysight's  nonlinear vector network analyzers and also generates X-parameter models from simulation for use in system or circuit simulations while offering IP protection. Breakthrough comprehensive nonlinear stability analysis ensures multi-device amplifier stability under all operating conditions.

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