Use a high-channel density SMU with 5 channels per module and save space at a low cost per channel for a wide range of applications requiring numerous precision power supplies. Enable dynamic measurements at a fast sampling rate of up to 500 kSa/s.

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The Keysight PZ2131A is a high-channel density precision source / measure unit (SMU) having 5 channels per module and saving space for a wide range of applications requiring numerous precision power supplies. The narrow-pulse function and fast Digitizer Mode allow the PZ2131A to expand the conventional static DC measurements to emerging dynamic measurements. Its seamless current measurement ranging function eliminates the time it takes to change the range and expands the dynamic range to cover multiple measurement ranges, which reduces test duration. These capabilities make the PZ2131A suitable for applications that require numerous precision power supplies, such as semiconductor reliability tests and integrated circuit (IC) tests. The Keysight PX0107A low noise filter adapter lowers its voltage source noise level, which makes the PZ2131A suitable for noise-sensitive applications such as quantum computing as well. 

  • Unprecedented high-channel density (20 Ch in 1U rack height, full width at maximum)
  • Maximum output at 30 V / 500 mA DC / pulse
  • Minimum resolution at 6 μV/100 pA
  • Minimum pulse width at 100 μs
  • Fast Digitizer Mode with maximum sampling rate at 500 kSa/s
  • Low voltage source noise down to 25 μVrms with PX0107A low noise filter
  • Wide dynamic range for dynamic measurement with seamless current measurement ranging

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