• Software test platform for one-button compliance test
  • Expert mode for unique in-depth, automated characterization and margin test
  • Unified test structure and user interface for a wide range of high-speed digital buses, e.g. PCIe®, USB, SATA, SD UHS-II, Thunderbolt, HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort, MIPI D-PHYSM and M-PHY®
  • Test libraries, optimized for ease of use, minimum test and calibration times
  • Automated single and multi-lane measurements
  • Powerful interfaces to data bases and web servers
  • Recommended by many Compliance Test Suites (CTS) and Methods of Implementation (MOI), used by leading validation laboratories and test centers

The Keysight N5990A test automation software platform is the most powerful tool for serial and multi-lane gigabit testing. It is the unique universal platform for testing a wide range of digital buses such as PCI Express®, USB, HDMI or MIPI. The same graphical user interface and operating principles are used for all applications. This boosts productivity, especially when testing devices which support multiple digital buses. The N5990A can be tailored to your individual test needs with the flexible test sequenzer and controls all instruments needed for your tests. The configurable database interface of the N5990A test automation platform enables the convenient storage of all test results. A web interface allows an effective and easy operation. Custom calibration and test procedures can be implemented easily with User Programming.

The N5990A software takes test automation to the next level of performance and convenience. It addresses specific bus standards by individual software modules with the same look and feel. As an example, option 101 provides PCI Express receiver testing, option 102 USB receiver testing etc. The receiver test software modules typically comprise

  • One-button compliance capability to simplify the test procedure.
  • Compliance sweeps using the proper stimulus signal including calibrated jitter. This reduces measurement time to a minimum.
  • Printed and electronic versions of compliance test and characterization data ensure the simple and accurate documentation of results.
  • Precise characterization of the test device performance which allows margin analysis.
  • Freely defined test points, e.g. jitter frequencies, depending on the specific test instrument without the need for pre-calculating pattern.
  • Integrated sources for periodic jitter, random jitter and bounded uncorrelated jitter stress generation.
  • Support for generators based on the J-BERT M8020A, AWG M8190A and M8195A or the 81150A.
  • The new family of Link Training Suite and Frame Generator options – currently available from Keysight for USB, PCI Express, SATA, HDMI, MIPI M-PHY and MIPI D-PHY– provides additional debugging and trouble-shooting capabilities, e.g. by defining test pattern which match the requirements of the specific DUT.

The N5990A platform and its specific receiver test options ideally complement the transmitter performance validation and compliance test software products of the Keysight Infiniium series of oscilloscopes.

N5990A's transmitter test interface options enhance the oscilloscope applications by e.g. providing remote control and data upload from the oscilloscopes to a PC controller.

The Keysight partner BitifEye Digital Test Solutions, a specialist for test automation, provides customizations and integrated solutions based on N5990A and the Keysight instrument portfolio. For more information on BitifEye and their range of complementary products and services, see www.bitifeye.com.

PCI-SIG®, PCIe® and the PCI Express® are US registered trademarks and/or service marks of PCI-SIG

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