Provides a truly one-box solution for traceable calibration of signal generators and step attenuators.


  • Compact, truly “one-box” measuring receiver solution for frequency up to 50 GHz
  • Calibrate signal sources and step attenuators at metrology-grade accuracies
  • Execute all measurements with the PXA’s multi-touch user interface with minimal effort
  • Minimum RF power for the Tuned RF level (TRFL) measurements as low as -150 dBm
  • USB sensor modules (U5532C) with single input connection covering 4.2 GHz, 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, and 50 GHz
  • Audio analysis including SINAD and distortion (Option N9030B-107), and embedded avionic measurements (N9092EM0E)
  • Alternative configuration with external power meter and N5532B sensor modules for “form-fit-functional” replacement to the N5531S

The N5531X measuring receiver, based on the general-purpose N9030B PXA signal analyzer embedded with the N9091EM0E (X-Series measuring receiver application) and the specialized U5532C USB power sensor modules, provides a truly “one-box” solution for traceable calibration of signal generators and step attenuators.

Alternatively, the N5531X measuring receiver can also be configured with an N9030B PXA with N9091EM0E, and an N191xA power meter, and a legacy N5532B power sensor module. This configuration enables the easiest way for the N5531S customers to migrate to the N5531X.

The N5531X measuring receiver offers:

  • Metrology-grade test system based on the off-the-shelf high-performance signal analyzer
  • Fast and precision tuned RF level (TRFL) measurements
  • TRFL tracking function for the drifting signal source calibrations
  • AM/FM/PM demodulations with expanded modulation ranges
  • Easy-to-use operation with the “multi-touch” user interface
  • Audio analysis (Option N9030B-107) with complete suite of special filtering
  • Complete suite of post-demodulation and audio filters including CCITT filter
  • Avionic measurements (VOR and ILS, etc.) with optional N9092EM0E (avionic measurement application)

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