Opto-Electronic Measurements Up to 110 GHz

Industry-First 110 GHz Turn-Key Test System for Optical RX and TX

Based on the N5290A and N5291A 900 Hz to 110/120GHz PNA Millimeter-Wave Systems, the new N4372E Lightwave Component Analyzer offers unprecedented bandwidth for both, optical receiver testing and optical transmitter testing.

The Keysight N4372E lightwave component analyzer offers bandwidth for optical receiver and optical transmitter testing. Transmit and receive (TX / RX) manufacturers are approaching higher baud rates in return to zero and nonreturn-to-zero (RZ / NRZ) and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) formats — pushing the envelope on high-bandwidth S-parameter testing.

The N4372E lightwave component analyzer helps you with optoelectronic tests with its measurement capability of 110 GHz in an extended wavelength range. It also offers RX testing up to 110 GHz in the full 1260 nm to 1620 nm range. It has a built-in optical power meter that enables you to check and control the operating power. The N4372E lightwave component analyzer's optical transmitter input port connects to an auxiliary tunable laser to verify S-parameters over wavelength.

Setup for measurement of a photonic device

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