The InfiniiMax 4 series probes, a recent innovation from Keysight, stand out as the market’s premier high-bandwidth probing solution. This probe incorporates Keysight's cutting-edge designs and leverages Keysight-proprietary InP IC process technology. It is meticulously engineered to tackle the complexities of assessing next-generation high-speed signals, delivering unparalleled performance and precision.
  • Bandwidth up to 52 GHz (Brickwall), 40 GHz (Bessel-Thomson)
  • DC input resistance 100 Kohm, differential
  • Two input attenuation settings:
    • Highest precision measurement on 1 Vpp (Maximum Input Range)
    • High voltage measurement on 2 Vpp (Maximum Input Range)
  • Two different solder-in probe tip lengths to accommodate the customer probing environment
  • Compatible with AutoProbe III interface
  • Use with Infiniium UXR 1.85 mm and 1.0 mm oscilloscopes

Meet the industry's highest bandwidth probes

Introducing the Keysight InfiniiMax 4 Series, the industry’s highest-bandwidth probes for high-speed digital debugging and validation on high-density integrated circuits and printed circuit boards.

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