The BT2203B is part of the BT2200 Series cell formation and lifetime cycler solution. It is an 8-slot mainframe for 208 VAC 3-phase power.



  • 208 or 200 VAC 3-phase input power
  • Holds up to eight BT2204B or BT2205A modules

Channel rating per module

  • BT2204B 32 channels with 6 V, ±6.25 A, 27.34 W
  • BT2205A 2 channels with 6 V, ±100 A, 437.5 W

Create unique sequences

  • Combine charge, discharge, pre-charge, rest state, or a DC internal resistance (DCIR) measurement steps into a test sequence.

Monitor test conditions

  • Monitor voltage, Current, Power, Amp*Hours, Watt*Hours, ΔV/Δt, ΔI/Δt, ΔV, ΔI during steps.

Safety and cell protection

  • Probe-check assures good connections to your cells. Customize or use predefined limits to stop charge and discharging.

The BT2200 charge-discharge platform is cost-effective and easily configurable for Li-Ion cell formation and lifetime cell cycling. Modular configurations support cells requiring maximum currents ranging from ± 6 A to ± 800 A, with up to 256 cells or channels per chassis.

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