The Keysight Pulse Analysis Package for Simulation 89601C supports modulation analysis of AM/FM/PM, digital modulation, custom IQ, FlexFrame, custom OFDM signals, and PowerSuite measurements.


  • Measure and analyze signals in the time, frequency, and modulation domains
  • Support two different acquisition modes as synchronous (simultaneous) or sequenced for carrier aggregation or multiple measurements
  • Analyze data from over 45 supported hardware instruments, or use in simulation tools to verify design
  • Record the acquired signal waveforms to playback for troubleshooting
  • Automate tests using .NET language or SCPI command
  • Analog demodulation of AM, FM, PM signals
  • Channel quality modulation analysis for group delay and channel response analysis
  • Digital modulation analysis and custom IQ modulation analysis
  • TEDS modulation analysis
  • Custom OFDM modulation analysis
  • PowerSuite (ACP and SEM) measurements

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