Set includes 2 retractable sheaths, 2 fine tip probes, 2 SMT grabbers, and 1 mini grabber; works with the 3458A DMM


The 34137A test lead set includes:

  • test lead probes with retractable sheath (2)
  • fine tip probes (2)
  • SMT grabbers (2)
  • mini grabber (1)

The Keysight 34137A deluxe test lead set for the 3458A contains retractable sheath banana plugs.

  • termination: retractable sheath banana plugs
  • length: 1.4 meters
  • rating: 1000 V CAT II
  • accessories that fit onto the test leads: 300 V CAT II
  • safety: IEC 61010-031

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