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Software Terms, Types and KeysightCare Software Support Subscriptions


Software Terms, Types and KeysightCare Software Support Subscriptions

Keysight software licensing options provide flexibility and support.  

Projects ramp up and down, teams grow and shrink, and projects move location. In such a dynamic environment, you need flexible licensing options that allow you to balance your project’s requirements. Whether your software will be a staple for years to come or you have a short-term need for a leading edge measurement application, Keysight’s licensing puts you in charge.

Choose your term. Choose your type. Keep control of your budget.  

  • Select a node-locked, transportable, USB portable, or floating license type, depending on how much flexibility you need.
  • Select a subscription or perpetual license term, depending on how long you need to use the software.
  • Each license is sold with KeysightCare software support, which provides technical support with ensured response time, proactive software updates and enhancements.

KeysightCare Software Support Subscription provides peace of mind amid evolving technologies.

  • Ensure your software is always current with the latest enhancements and measurement standards.
  • Gain additional insight into your measurement problems with live access to our team of technical experts.
  • Stay on schedule with fast turnaround times and priority escalations when you need support.


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