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Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscopes


Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscopes

The most advanced oscilloscope on the planet


The Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes deliver world-leading performance, ultra-low noise, and high signal fidelity for engineers and scientists to truly see and understand the fastest phenomena – enabling you to develop the next generation of technology and research more quickly.

Introduction and Model Overview

The UXR has more accurate analysis. Up to four channels of simultaneous 110 GHz of bandwidth, each concurrently sampling at a staggering 256 GSa/s with 10 bits of high-definition analog to digital converter (ADC) resolution.

The UXR runs faster. Up to 100x faster performance for some measurements – enabled by a powerful new measurement acceleration ASIC and memory controller capable of 5 trillion integer operations per second (IOPS).

The UXR is fully upgradeable.

The Infiniium UXR-Series is scalable – you can easily upgrade the bandwidth, memory, channel count, and software capabilities to meet your future needs.

The UXR is available in three models based on bandwidth, sample rate and input connector size. Infiniium UXR-Series models offer bandwidths from 5 GHz to 110 GHz with various 1-channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel configurations available. The 3.5mm models are equipped with Keysight AutoProbe II interfaces while 1mm and 1.85 mm models incorporate an advanced high-performance highbandwidth Keysight AutoProbe III interface.


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