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Model Builder Program (MBP)



Model Builder Program (MBP) is a complete modeling solution that integrates SPICE simulation, model parameter extraction and model library generation. MBP supports the latest standard models including BSIM-BULK, BSIM-CMG and BSIM-IMG for logic, analog and RF designs. Besides compact models, MBP also supports the macro (subcircuit) model and Verilog-A model.

MBP provides automatic extraction packages. The script environment enables extraction flow customization, device target definition and GUI operations. With its superior optimization technology and advanced features, MBP provides the most comprehensive, accurate and efficient modeling solutions, especially for silicon devices.

Key features

– Fully automated BSIM-BULK, BSIM3, BSIM4, BSIMSOI, PSP, HiSIM2, HiSIM_HV, Gummel–Poon, VBIC, and MEXTRAM model extraction and optimization flows

– Support for the advanced multi-gate FET models: BSIM-CMG, BSIM-IMG and UTSOI

– Turnkey modeling packages for model re-centering and SRAM cell model generation

– Open interface enables users to customize modeling flows and internal functions using scripting

– Built-in macro model optimization capabilities incorporating high voltage and layout effect modeling

– The industry’s most complete variation modeling solution to generate statistical and mismatch models base on either silicon data or technology spec

– Reliability modeling packages to extract MOSRA (level 1 and level 3) and TMI aging models

– Equipped with superior optimization technology balancing speed and accuracy

– Excellent usability with a friendly user interface, efficient model file management and model library support

– Integrated modeling data flow across Keysight Technologies’s device modeling platform

Comprehensive Modeling Package

– Monte-Carlo model support for global statistical and local mismatch models

– Complete variation model extraction flow considers N/P correlation

– RF module enables accurate modeling of devices for RF applications

– Scalable inductor model generation

– State-of-the-art subcircuit modeling approach for high voltage device modeling

– Stress (layout dependent effects) module allows parallel simulation for user defined TCL script

– Circuit-based model extraction base on the figure of merits of benchmark circuit (ex. RO stage delay, dynamic power, leakage power)

– The turnkey reliability modeling package to extract MOSRA (level 1 and level 3) HCI and BTI models

– SRAM model generation package allows to optimize NMOS&PMOS transistor models and memory cell model in one MBP session


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