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RF Payload Test System

Technische Überblicke

Technical Overview


The Keysight Technologies RF Payload Test System provides reliability, consistency, ease-of-use, flexibility and support.

Use of high-quality instrumentation and uncompromising development standards provide a test system, which accurately reports results to the test operators and are repeatable over time.

Keysight’s extensive experience in test system software yields systems that have efficient control flow and intuitive user interfaces. Test automation provided by application software minimizes potential manual errors when running tests.

The RF Payload Test System’s (PTS) modular construction maximizes flexibility and ease of upgrade. Expansion space is provided in the rack for additional switching, a digital oscilloscope and other equipment.

System calibration and verification methods use the best available technology for PNA-X based solutions yielding highly automated methods, improved confidence in measured data, and a unique automatic calibration method using the Auto Calibration Module (ACM) simplifies the calibration in remote locations such as Thermal Vacuum Chambers.

The PTS provides the most flexibility in RF Switching with industry-leading technology to automate system calibration.

The Keysight Technologies RF Payload Test System Provides Reliability, Consistency, Ease-of-Use, Flexibility and Support.

System description

Keysight’s Payload Test System Platform uses state of the art measurement capability to provide a base configuration for Uplink and Downlink testing between UHF and Q band. The system contains instrumentation, RF switching and signal conditioning with an optional inline calibration verification capability.

System capability

The Keysight PNA-X provides complete measurement capability for:

- Gain Transfer/Gain Compression/Pin vs. Pout/Gain Steps

- Ability to measure Normal Operating Points (NOP) using various methods - stores values to a database enabling subsequent measurements to be run relative to NOP

- Frequency Response/Group Delay/Phase vs. Drive/Output power and frequency accuracy (technique supports embedded LO’s)

- TOI/IP3/IMD (with built-in second source and combiner)

- Noise Figure (cold source)/Carrier to Noise

- Path Check

- Gain and Frequency Monitoring with sequential or continuous stimulus

- Absolute Phase (non-converted)

- Functional interfaces to set and uplink signal, monitor downlink signals, or set a RF path

Other measurements are made using the PSG and PXA:

- TT and C (TCR)

- Bit Error Rate

- Passive Intermodulation

- Repeater Isolation

- Ranging Delay

- Phase Noise

- Spurious search and spur investigation with an innovative algorithm to compute resolution bandwidth settings automatically

- Noise Power Ratio

- Noise Pedestal

- Modulation Index

- Error Vector Magnitude

- Telemetry vs Power/AGC Threshold

- AM to PM transfer/AM to PM conversion

Calibration verification capability provides in situ verification of RF paths between the test system and the UUT to ensure measurement accuracy over time and temperature variations.

Core configurations

Three core configurations service a variety of military and commercial customer applications across a broad range of test capabilities and frequency options.

Economy Payload Test System

Based on Payload Test System – instruments and connectivity are configured as required.

Basic Payload Test System

Payload Test System (PTS) – connectivity, simple switch matrix assembly and CalPods.

Advanced Payload Test System

RF Test Equipment (RFTE) – connectivity, complex core switch matrix assembly and CalPod assemblies


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