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PathWave Signal Generation


Simplify Signal Creation

Reduce the time you spend on signal simulation

Signal Studio comes with performance-optimized signals validated by Keysight. You can easily modify these signals to meet your needs. Or you may quickly create custom reference signals for testing devices. Its fast and simple user interface features tree-style navigation and graphical, parameterized signal configuration.

What is Signal Studio?

Signal Studio is signal creation software that runs on a PC. It enables the creation of application specific test signals at baseband, RF and microwave frequencies.

Next-Generation Signal Creation

PathWave Signal Generation Desktop or Embedded

PathWave Signal Generation has two types of applications: Desktop and Embedded. PathWave Signal Generation Desktop runs on a PC like Signal Studio and can create and download generated waveforms into various signal generators.

PathWave Signal Generation Embedded is a fully integrated application in Keysight VXG or Next Generation MXG signal generator’s firmware. PathWave Signal Generation Embedded uses the same measurement technology as PathWave Signal Generation Desktop and includes a graphical user interface (GUI) optimized for touch-based operations.

PathWave Signal Generation is an integrated application

  • Supports multiple radio formats in a single application
  • Provides the same user experience and measurement engines across Desktop and Embedded versions
  • Generates encrypted waveforms (*.wfm) for downloading or playback
  • Includes a hardware driver that performs waveform download and setup for play back
  • Provides a high-DPI display with scaling support

PathWave Signal Generation provides different licensing scheme for use scenarios

  • N76xxAPPC can run as PathWave Signal Generation Desktop PC application license
  • N76xxAPPC can run as PathWave Signal Generation Embedded higher tiered licenses on all supported platforms including VXG (M9383B, M9384B, M9484C) and next generation MXG N5186A
  • E76xxAPPC can run as PathWave Signal Generation Embedded middle tiered licenses on the next generation MXG N5186A as cost effective licenses compared with N76xxAPPC which can run on all platforms
  • N76xxEMBC can run as waveform playback license installed in all of the signal generators supported


What is PathWave Signal Generation?

Keysight PathWave Signal Generation is Keysight’s next-generation signal-generation software. It unifies various signal-generation applications together with Waveform Utility and toolkit. It provides a consistent and optimized user experience from R&D through manufacturing to enable smoother collaboration.

Easily Create Signals for Your Bench or Production Line

Whether you need test stimuli in R&D or manufacturing, Signal Studio simplifies creation of the signals you need for characterization, verification, and pass / fail testing of components, devices, receivers, and more.

Simplify signal creation on the bench

Create your own signal-creation workstation in R&D by connecting Signal Studio to a Keysight instrument through the LAN or GPIB port of a PC. A built-in configuration tool makes it fast and simple, and the Signal Studio user interface includes a window that enables direct control of a connected instrument.

For advanced automation and control, the available application programming interface (API) exposes the signal creation and generation parameters of the software. This capability also enables creation of a custom user interface for signal creation.

Accelerate testing on the production line

To save time during automated testing, waveforms created in Signal Studio can be downloaded to an instrument and stored in memory. Recall and playback can be initiated programmatically with SCPI commands or through the front panel.

When you need to use custom signals with multiple test systems, flexible right-to-use licenses can meet your specific needs, schedules and budget requirements. For example, waveform licensing is ideal for cost-effective deployment of Signal Studio test signals in a manufacturing environment. Each of these licenses is fixed to a single instrument but is available in packs of 5 or 50 waveform licenses that can be used for different signal formats. Please see the licensing section for more information about other licensing options.

Apply Your Signals in Real-World Testing

When you have fully defined your signals, you can download them to various Keysight instruments. This offers flexibility in generating signals at various carrier frequencies with different bandwidths for multiple applications. Signal Studio complements these instruments by providing a cost-effective way to tailor them to your design, development, and production test needs. And with our record of support for new standards, Signal Studio will help you stay at the forefront as wireless systems evolve.

PXIe vector signal generators and vector transceiver 

Keysight M9381A PXIe vector signal generator: Accelerate throughput with new levels of speed in your modular test system with bandwidths up to 160 MHz. 

Keysight M9383B PXIe microwave signal generator: Realize 5G signal confidence in your design validation test solution, with available upgrades of frequency and bandwidth to 44 GHz and 2 GHz, respectively. 

Keysight M9421A PXIe VXT vector transceiver: Features exceptional EVM performance for dense modulation schemes required by 802.11ax design verification and manufacturing test up to 8 x 8 MIMO. 

Keysight M9410A / M9411A / M9415A PXIe VXT vector transceiver: Build-in 1.2 GHz signal generation and analysis bandwidth and frequency extension to cover millimeter-wave (mmWave) (FR2) with M1740A mmWave transceiver.

AXIe arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) 

M8190A, M8195A, or M8199A is a source of greater fidelity, delivering high resolution and wide bandwidth simultaneously. This unique combination lets you create signal scenarios that push your designs to the limit and bring new insights to your analysis.


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