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High Performance Solutions for Peak and Average Power Measurements

Introducing Keysight Power Meters and Sensors

Reliable, high-performing solutions

Every power meter and sensor from Keysight Technologies, Inc. consistently delivers great results.

One specific application: One right solution

Keysight offers a wide selection of power meters and sensors for practically all application needs—wireless communications, radar pulse measurements, component test and more.

A sure investment for many years to come

Code-compatibility between power meters reduces the need for re-coding. Not only that, all Keysight power meters are backward-compatible with most legacy power sensors.

Global network support

No matter where you are, Keysight is committed to giving you the 24-hour support you need regarding our products, applications, or services.

Peak Power Measurements and Analysis for Wireless Applications and High-Test Throughput

Keysight U2040 & U/L2050/60 X-Series USB/LAN Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensors

Accurately measure any modulated signal with the U2040 & U/L2050/60 X-Series USB/LAN power sensors. With LAN or USB connectivity, the U2040 & U/L2050/60 X-Series sensors come with the world’s widest dynamic range in a power sensor, covering a range of -70 to +20/26 dBm. The U2049XA and L2065XT LAN power sensors comes with a thermal vacuum option, and it gives the same accuracy and performance even in thermal vacuum chambers.

Typical test setup for wireless chipset manufacturing test

Three power sensors are used to measure the chipset’s input power, output power, and reflected power. A spectrum analyzer, like the Keysight Technologies MXA, is used to measure other critical parameters such as ACPR, EVM, and harmonics. Care should be taken to ensure that the power to be measured does not exceed the sensor’s measurable power range to avoid damaging the sensor, particularly at the power amplifier’s output. Depending on the signal formats, a trigger output signal from the signal source can be connected to the trigger input ports of the power sensors to synchronize the signal timing and sensors’ measurement acquisitions.

Average mode time-selective measurement

The average mode time-selectivity feature allows you to precisely select when a measurement is made. A measurement aperture is used to define the duration of the measurement and its position in time can be set relative to a trigger. The aperture duration can be set from 20 μs to 200 ms with a resolution of 100 ns to be able to cover any radio format. Giving you similar ability to define a measurement as time-gated power measurements in peak mode, this function allows you to control which portion of the waveform is measured, and perform precise time-selective average power measurements across the full 96 dB dynamic range, and real time measurements of up to 50,000 readings per second.

Keysight U2020 X-Series USB peak and average power sensors

The U2021XA and U2022XA X-Series USB peak power sensors are designed to carry out high speed peak and average power measurements. These sensors offer a fast measurement speed of > 25,000 readings/second and a wide peak power dynamic range of -30 to +20 dBm, providing the peak power measurement capability of a power meter in a compact, portable form.

High throughput wireless test systems with up to 20 channels

The U2020 X-series USB peak and average sensors perform fast and accurate peak and gated power measurements. These measurements are essential aspects of the production tests conducted for wireless signals used in cellular/mobile phone handset, wireless chipset and amplifier applications. With plug-and-play USB connectivity, high measurement speed and multichannel capability, setting up a high throughput test system is simple, fast, and cost effective.

Remote testing for radar installation and maintenance

When a U2020 X-series sensor is connected to a LAN-USB adapter, you can perform complex radar pulse analysis and monitor your measurements from a distance up to 200 feet. The built-in internal zero calibration function allows you to permanently connect your sensor to the device-under-test without the hassle of constantly removing and re-installing your sensor.

Portable solution for base station installation and maintenance

Portability is one of the key attributes in the base station installation and maintenance industry, where users mainly work out in the field. Whether you are using a PC or other Keysight instruments, the U2020 X-series USB power sensors will perform peak and average power measurement similar to traditional power meters, all in a portable and lightweight form factor.

Keysight N8262A P-Series modular power meter

The N8262A is a dual-channel, LXI Class C compliant power meter that’s designed to support LAN-based ATE systems. With its slim, half-rack build, the N8262A enables a smaller test system and ensures easier deployment.

Keysight N1911A/12A P-Series power meters

The P-Series power meters are LXI Class C compliant, designed for high performance measurement of wireless signals such as WiMAX™, LTE and radar. Predefined settings in the P-Series power meters enable effective capture of unpredictable wireless signals, with their high burst rates and fast, time-varying power levels.

High sampling rate for WiMAX and WLAN testing

Apart from WiMAX and WLAN presets, the P-Series power meters also offer 100 Msamples/s continuous sampling that ensures glitches are not missed.

  • The P-Series power meters’ 30 MHz video bandwidth enables the capture of signals with modulation bandwidth up to 30 MHz
  • With their auto trigger hold-off capability, you can capture the complete Downlink or Uplink subframe burst desired within a fixed time span
  • Time-gated peak, average and peak-to-average ratio power measurements are automatically displayed to ease analysis of signals 


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