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The Network Performance Impact on Customer Experience

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The Network Performance Impact on Customer Experience

What should we do?


Brand loyalty is slowing down, but brand experience is alive!


We don’t speak with people anymore as part of our brand experience, we transact via apps and websites. This makes it awfully hard to create amazing brand experiences.


More and more companies decide to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud. Many of these applications are critical for the business. Also, let's not forget that an application is, before all, a service delivered to end-users and it is therefore important to measure the level of the impact of this migration of the responsiveness of the application.


We have seen Project Management underestimate the user experience impact caused by the difference in network latency between the initial architecture and the one leading to the Cloud. In addition, based on our experience, applications don’t have the same sensitivity to the network latency, it largely depends on how the application has been designed.


Understanding the relationship between customer satisfaction, experience and network performance is the key to designing networks that drive loyalty.


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