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N7019A USB Type-C Active Link Fixture


The Keysight Technologies, Inc. N7019A Type-C Active Link fixture provides a fast and easy access to test, debug and decode your Type-C active link. Used in conjunction with the Keysight Protocol and Decode SW, you can now access, debug, and decode Vbus, USB-PD, USB 2.0, USB 3.2, and USB4 SB, USB4 10G, and USB4 20G, on an active link.


• Provides access to all Type-C signals during an active link

• Signals include Vbus, USB 2.0, USB-PD, SBU1/2, and TX/RX up to maximum USB4 rate of 20 Gbps

• Works in conjunction with Keysight Protocol Trigger Decode solutions for USB-PD, USB 2.0, USB 3.2, and USB4

Type-C Active Link Signal Access

For a USB4 active link to function correctly, many different signals need to be transmitted and received on a live link – Vbus, USB-PD, SBUTX/RX, TX/RX.

With the N7019A, you can access and view all Type-C signals and determine where in the link start-up an error occurred. Coupled with the Keysight suite of Protocol Trigger and Decode solutions, you can time[1]correlate protocol errors with signal integrity issues in the time domain.Depending on the Type-C signal being accessed, there are different ways to connect to the N7019A

(Figure 1).

• Vbus: N7023A Power Rail probe browser.

• USB 2.0: N2871A probe or E2678B probe heads.

• USB4 10G/20G: N2823A phase-matched cables.

• SBU: N2871A probe or E2678B probe heads.

Type-C Active Link Decode and Debug

During a USB4 link-up, optimization of both the TX and RX equalization are critical to achieving a low BER link.

Figure 2 shows the low-speed negotiation occurring on the SBU lines.

In parallel, Figure 3 shows the high-speed training occurring on the TX 20 Gbps lines.

In addition to the decode view, you can also view and debug the time-correlated analog signal waveform that is the source of both the low-speed and 20 Gbps decode.


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