Automotive Ethernet Channel Testing Compliance Application


Keysight is fully invested in the creation of complete solutions for automotive Ethernet and continues to offer solutions for compliance testing of transmitters, receivers, as well as harness, cables and connectors.  With this latest introduction of automated channel testing compliance and updated transmitter and receiver solutions, Keysight covers the following (items in new release highlighted in red):

  • Transceiver testing 2 different standards bodies, 4 different data rates; Open Alliance, IEEE 802.3cg, 802.3bw 802.3bp and 802.3ch specifications
  • Protocol trigger & decode hardware-based trigger for IEEE 802.3bw specifications
  • Receiver testing 2 different data rates; IEEE 802.3bw and 802.3bp specifications
  • NEW Channel testing compliance Automated testing for link segment tests in IEEE 802.3bp specifications

Autonomous vehicles will undoubtedly change transportation as we know it today. Increased data speeds and bandwidths are needed to support the multitude of sensors that are demanded by autonomous vehicles but also by safety requirements. With the development of automotive Ethernet, faster data communications are now possible and the increasing demands for today's vehicles and future connected vehicles can be met. Unlike the slower speeds used for decades like CAN and LIN, automotive Ethernet requires rigorous compliance testing. Keysight's full suite of automotive Ethernet solutions automates testing and validation across Tx, Rx and the channel for 10 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s, 1000 Mb/s, and Multi-gig automotive Ethernet, provides increased test accuracy, and saves time.

What is the current customer problem?

There are two important customer problems currently facing In-Vehicle Network (IVN) designers of new cars. 1) Keeping up with the rapid rate of change, innovation and development of new standards that are keeping pace with the demand for more data; 2) making sure tests to those new and evolving standards are accurate.

Keeping pace: Next-generation ADAS systems require camera and radar systems with increasingly high resolution. That means even more demands for speed and bandwidth. Automotive Ethernet enables faster data communication to meet the demands of today’s vehicles and can evolve for the connected vehicles of the future. As the pace of development accelerates, design teams need to stay efficient and productive as they work to create high-performance designs that interoperate with other autonomous vehicle systems. There are now 4 data rates and two different standards bodies across 3 different measurements systems that encompass automotive Ethernet testing.

Accuracy: Automotive Ethernet demands rigorous compliance verification. The requirements include complex measurements that until recently, have been uncommon in the auto industry: vector network analysis measurements and monitoring cross talk, insertion loss, mode conversion between any cables bundled together in an automotive Ethernet network. The channel or link in any system can create a point of failure and must be fully tested. Automotive Ethernet as a switched network enables multiple cables into a switch. Those multi-port switches can result in loss and greater risk of missed packets or incorrect information.

How does Keysight solution solve this problem?

To help customers save time and effort, Keysight offers solutions that automate the testing and validation of automotive Ethernet designs that track evolving standards and is built on the world-class market-leading technology of Keysight instrumentation. Users are guaranteed accurate and repeatable tests to every standard.

  • Transceiver testing for all 4 data-rates and both standards bodies in one application. These applications are built on the model of successful Keysight oscilloscope compliance applications with one important distinction – all the data-rates: 10Mbps, 100Mpbs, 1000Mpbs and now multi-gig are all included in one model number available at one price, with only one installation of software. There is built-in help to help ensure proper test configuration, test description and links to the specification as well as HTML based reports for easy documentation. All that is backed by valid, trusted and repeatable measurement results from Keysight’s popular MXR-Series Real-Time (and other) oscilloscope families.
  • Protocol trigger & decode hardware-based trigger which enables real-time data capture and decode using a custom-designed signal separation fixture that can see both directions of data independently.
  • Receiver testing verifies that information is received as intended. It performs complete bit error rate (BER) count to ensure the device-under-test (DUT) maintains a BER of less than 10^10 and meets the signal quality requirements of the IEEE Std 802.3bp and the Open Alliance 1000BASE-T1 Interoperability test suite specification. In addition, it performs an Alien Crosstalk Noise Rejection test, which saves hours of valuable time with an automated test of IEEE and required OPEN Alliance compliance specifications. Built on function and multipurpose hardware – the 81160A Arbitrary Noise Generator - can be fully utilized for other tasks when not in use for Rx compliance tests.
  • Channel testing compliance Keysight’s new automotive Ethernet software ensures signal quality requirements and completes conformance tests for the automotive Ethernet channel. In addition, it performs return loss, insertion loss, mode conversion, powersum and cross talk measurements of a cable in a bundle. Built on functional and multipurpose hardware – the E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer, PXI Vector Network Analyzers, Streamline Series USB Vector Network Analyzers are also valuable tools in the lab for design verification and validation beyond automotive Ethernet.


 Whole Communication Channel Diagram

Caption: The Whole Communication Channel is defined as the entire wired connection between two transmit/receive modules with an automotive Ethernet interface inclusive of the cable, connector and/or harness.

The net result: greater confidence that the device is compliant to any of the standards, a faster development cycle, repeatability of testing, and less human error. And to ensure future flexibility for customers, Keysight builds solutions on upgradable platforms and invests in relevant, new technologies.

Keysight has a proven track record of participating in standards bodies, helping shape the standards, and define effective test methods. Keysight has invested thousands of hours in learning the standards and creating automated, repeatable compliance tests. Customers do not need to know all the details of IEEE 802.3cg, 802.3bw, 802.3bp or 802.3ch—they just need a technology partner who does.

Key Features and Business Benefits

Key Features

  • One install for all the standards in each category: 5 standards for Tx, 2 standards for Rx and currently 1 for Lx. 
  • Bundles all relevant hardware, software and accessories into one model number.
  • Software creates a test plan and automatically sets up the instrumentation for each measurement, applying the limit lines
  • Automated reporting in a comprehensive HTML or PDF format with margin analysis
  • Keysight instrumentation and specific automotive Ethernet fixtures and adapter boards
  • Covers MDI mode conversion and common mode emission tests

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money with only one compliance application to buy and use
  • Accurate and repeatable results with Keysight instrumentation
  • Greater confidence with a device that is compliant to any of the standards
  • Automated setups ensure result repeatability and enable teams to run tests without becoming experts in the required procedures

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