Breach Defense: Measure and Maximize Security Operations

Optimize security posture and empower SecOps by simulating the kill-chain, reducing your attack surface, and staying ahead of attackers

Your Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Enterprise networks are under constant threat. Between misconfigurations, vendor updates, alert fatigue, and a security skills shortage, experiencing a breach is no longer a question of “if”— it’s a question of “when.”

Measure operational effectiveness. With our SecOps solutions, you can continuously simulate attacks on your production network, dramatically reduce SIEM alerts, and stay ahead of attackers with the latest threat intel. Breach Defense makes it easy to:

  • Emulate real-world attacks without compromising your applications
  • Discover security gaps in your production network
  • Remediate gaps quickly with detailed, step-by-step instructions
  • Stay ahead of attackers with 24/7/365 threat intelligence
  • Reduce alert fatigue by blocking 80% of hostile traffic at the source
  • Measure your security effectiveness, assess whether you need additional tools, and identify potential redundancy and overspend

Evaluate and Optimize SecOps With Breach Defense

Threat Simulator: Breach and Attack Simulation 

A breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing. Continuously assess your network's readiness against the latest attacks and exploits.

ThreatArmor: Threat Intelligence Gateway

Reduce SecOps alert fatigue by stopping attackers from ever entering your network. Blocks up to 80% of malicious traffic, malware, and botnets — dramatically reducing your network's attack surface.

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Eliminate uncertainty by simulating the latest real-world attacks on your network

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Reduce risk by remediating vunerabilities, coverage gaps, and misconfigurations

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Optimize security spend by measuring the effectiveness of your security posture

Tap Into Threat Intelligence, 24/7/365

The world leader in application and security testing, our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center keeps your security operations continuously updated with a robust database of the latest threats and exploits. With our threat intelligence feed, you can trust your team is always a step ahead.

Our global network of intelligence directly feeds the latest vulnerabilities and attacker behavior into Threat Simulator for he latest in real-world breach and attack simulation. And with continuous updates to ThreatARMOR, you can be confident you're always blocking the latest malicious IP addresses.

Curtailing threats also means knowing your attacker. That's why our threat intelligence provides you actionable insight 24/7/365 — giving you the full story from attack signatures to evidence of malicious activity.

Security Operations Report

How Do Security Operations Teams Think?

Facing an unrelenting stream of attacks from both outside and inside of their organizations, How do SecOps teams and senior management validate their security solutions are defending their organizations as expected? Discover the secret to security operations success in our latest report, "Security Operations Effectiveness".

Prove the Performance of Your Security Operations

Save money and time by maximizing the effectiveness of existing security controls and processes