You are moments away from key insights. Microwave technology brings a new set of complex electronic test challenges, so we have prepared several demo videos and application-specific resources to bring you even closer to your next breakthrough.

Below, you will find a wide range of high-frequency test equipment, solutions, and services to help you design, simulate, and test your latest innovations. We invite you to “favorite” this page, and return as needed to review these resources.

EuMW 2021 is Keysight’s 18th consecutive year as a Platinum sponsor, and once again we look forward to working with you and tackling the world’s toughest uWave and mmWave test challenges.

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Leverage the knowledge of 6 Experts & Their Secrets for mmWave Innovation

Handheld RF & uW Tester

  • OTA 5G NR Demodulation
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • 110 GHz support

For monitoring wideband signals in the field, whether for beamforming verification or making accurate coverage measurements, FieldFox is the ideal tool. For 5G deployment with frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz and 100 MHz of real-time bandwidth, in combination with a phased array antenna, FieldFox is the tool of choice for 5G operators.

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Phased Array Design Simulation

  • Beamforming Validation
  • Performance Prediction
  • Model-Based Design

It may be one of your greatest pains. Simulating large arrays, at times accounting for 10s of degrees in azimuth and elevation with a 1-degree resolution, can take an enormous amount of time. With PathWave System Design, that time shrinks from a full day to a short coffee break. In the video above and the resources below, you can learn about fast, accurate modeling of phased array systems. You will see how easily you can construct your system, integrate antenna information from EM simulation, and include RF impairments to accurately model your mmWave circuits.

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Wideband Signal Generation

  • 3GPP 5G standard-compliant signals
  • Compensate for system & OTA losses
  • Two channels up to 2 GHz bandwidth

If your work requires wideband, mmWave signal generation, you understand the challenges of wider channel bandwidths and multi-element antennas to overcome increased path loss. Maybe toughest of all, these must be tested using OTA test methods, which traditionally involves more test equipment, more measurement uncertainty, and more difficulty getting accurate and repeatable measurement results. This is where you can rely on Keysight’s VXG Microwave Signal Generator. Check out the video above or the resources below to learn more.

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  • Lowest residual EVM 
  • New mixer test method 
  • Improved dynamic range at mmWave frequencies

The new DDS synthesizer of the PNA-X and the evolving modulation distortion application provides comprehensive frequency converter characterization, including phase noise test. You will be able to overcome wideband mmWave measurement challenges with improved accuracy, ease of test, and faster throughput on both measurement and simulation.

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Precision Wideband mmWave Analysis

  • Continuous sweeps to 110 GHz
  • Vector signal analysis correction
  • DANL down to -150 dBm/Hz

Signals are moving to higher frequencies, wider bandwidths, and more complex modulation schemes. Whether you focus on design or test, dealing with noise may be one of your biggest challenges. Increased noise reduces SNR and channel capacity gains, impacting spectral efficiency and, ultimately, user experience. With direct coverage from 2 Hz to 110 GHz and DANL down to -150 dBm/Hz, Keysight’s UXA Series of spectrum analyzers is a one-box toolset helping you move swiftly from inspiration to innovation. Learn more from the additional resources below.

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Master 5G NR & Sub-THz 6G

  • Multi-Channel Tx/Rx
  • Widest Bandwith to 220 GHz
  • Low Residual EVM
  • Scalable for MIMO

5G design and 6G research bring us face-to-face with a number of exciting, though challenging realities for the future of mobile data. Working in this space, you are familiar with the performance demands of wide bandwidths at high operating frequencies, complex modulation schemes, beamforming, and over-the-air testing. The demos above and additional resources below will help you get a better grasp of what it takes to perform gNB characterization today while being prepared for evolving standards. From wideband mmWave “5G NR and beyond” waveform generation and analysis, to D or G-band up-conversion for 6G research, we have the tools and experts you can rely on to be first and best in wideband, mmWave design.

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