EMC Test-as-a-Service

Partner with us today at our accredited EMC Test Lab to simulate, debug, and comply your equipment under test (EUT) to over 50 global standards and regulations. See Regulatory Lab Offer.


When the pressure is on and things aren’t going well, you need support, fast. Waiting days for answers can lead to costly delays and missed opportunities.That’s why we created KeysightCare. It’s a new support experience, providing you ensured action, when you need it. Go beyond basic warranty for your instruments, with flexible choices that support the pace of your business.

Calibration and Repair

A calibration label does not always mean your instruments are in tolerance and making accurate measurements. If your instrument is out-of-specification (out-of-tolerance), you can no longer trust your test results. Calibrate your test equipment regularly for peak performance – regardless of the instrument brand.

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