How to Automate Conformance Debug and Verification

MXR-Series Oscilloscope
+ MXR-Series Oscilloscope

Automating speed and conformance tests to verify device performance

Debugging and verifying high-speed digital device performance requires R&D engineers to run custom speed and conformance tests. To verify device performance, multiple repetitive test sequences are run on an oscilloscope connected to the device under test (DUT). This involves performing manual setting changes, measuring digital signal parameters, and saving screenshots and data. Traditionally, automating these tests required custom coding. Use robotic process automation (RPA) software to record the test steps and play them back without coding.

To automate speed and duplex tests, you need an oscilloscope with sufficient bandwidth for the chosen protocol you are testing, and a graphical user interface that supports robotic process automation. RPA software replaces the task of humans manually pushing buttons over multiple iterations, with automated button presses done by a software program. The RPA engine captures signal parameter measurements and records data from the connected oscilloscope directly to a PC running the RPA application.

Automated speed and conformance test solution

Automated speed and conformance test solution

Automating performance debugging and verification requires an oscilloscope with RPA software. Keysight's MXR oscilloscope. Keysight's MXR Oscilloscope provides accurate measurements with ENOB up to 9.0, noise as low as 43 µV, and the option of 8-in-1 instrument integration. PathWave RPA software works with the oscilloscope to automate design and verification tests by controlling the instrument GUI interface.  This lets engineers create automation sequences with no coding required.  A one-button record and playback operation requires no prior experience in test automation.

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