How to Analyze and Debug USB Type-C Links

Infiniium UXR B-Series Oscilloscope
+ Infiniium UXR B-Series Oscilloscope

Analyzing USB Type-C links using an oscilloscope

Establishing and analyzing a USB Type-C link is a complex task. It involves managing protocol negotiations and measuring high-speed data signals using high-bandwidth oscilloscopes and link fixtures. Analyzing Type-C links running at USB4 Version 2.0 speeds requires test engineers to measure 40 Gb/s signals and optimize low-cost passive cable performance. Engineers must also minimize cross talk from three other lanes running at the same speed. This process requires a high-bandwidth oscilloscope, a link fixture, and protocol triggering and decoding software to analyze, debug, and optimize USB Type-C devices and links.

The software configures the scope and then captures and decodes signals from devices in the link. An additional oscilloscope with USB protocol trigger / decode software triggers the devices to start the link. Analyze link performance using a USB Type-C active link fixture and probe amplifiers to connect the link to the oscilloscopes. After triggering the link, the scopes capture and decode sideband and high-speed signals, which test engineers use to determine potential signal integrity issues.

USB Type-C link analysis solution

USB Type-C link analysis solution

Analyzing a USB Type-C link requires high-performance oscilloscopes and software for real-time protocol triggering and capturing of up to 40 Gb/s signals. The Keysight UXR B-Series oscilloscope with USB4v2 test software can configure the tests and capture high-speed signals. The Keysight MXR B-Series oscilloscope handles protocol triggering and decoding. Finally, the Keysight USB Type-C active link fixture enables access to all Type-C signals in a link, captured using InfiniiMax 4 probe amplifiers. This hardware and software solution makes it possible to fully analyze USB Type-C devices at the fastest USB4 Version 2.0 lane speeds.

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